Thank you for providing such a great environment for students to learn to love music, and for all of your help with getting David started on his path in life. He will miss your lessons but now is studying music at Musicians Institute in California.

S. Warnke
Joe, You're such a blessing to so many. Thank You for sharing your love and interest for music with us and our community.

Gretchen P.
Thank You so very very much for your fabulous demonstration at our 2nd annual International Day Festival! In speaking with parents after the event, they were impressed by your inclusion of the children in your demonstration, and thrilled by the energy & enthusiasm you brought. Thank You for helping to make the evening absolutely incredible.

A. Moo & L. Kuhl (North Hill Elem PTA)
We loved it and I know the kids did and the parents all said great things as well. Thank you! We will be contacting you again next year for sure! You are excellent with the children and sharing your love of music with them!

Laura Long (PRE-K 5 and GSRP Teacher Hampton Elementary)
Thank you for the wonderful family style environment which was provided for my daughter to not only grow but flourish! We will continue to encourage family, neighbors and friends to seek out JC's and the Rochester School of Music as the place to attain a wonderful educational experience.

Vicki L. Michalak
"Matt and our experience with your staff and you have been outstanding. Jill and I appreciate all the hard work that has been accomplished and the many recitals Matt has participated in. Thanks Again"

M. Zak.
"Brit's lessons with his teacher at JC's and the Rochester School of Music are truly one of the highlights of his week. I cannot even begin to tell you what drumming has done for Brit's confidence over the past two years. When the band director over at Stoney Creek High saw him play, he said our money is definitely being well spent"

C. Clay
"We attended the Rock Show and what a great opportunity for all these students. I really appreciated the effort it took to create the possibility to play with others. I think you set up many opportunities for the students to play and try many ways to engage them. I like the friendly atmosphere of the shop and all the folks that work there. In short, I think you are doing a wonderful job."

E. Kata
"I especially like the friendliness of your staff and the front desk. The personal atmosphere and the customer service are excellent at your store. Bryce's teacher is outstanding, committed, and patient. His interest has increased tremendously since he started his lessons at JC's and the​ Rochester School of Music."

L. Salmon
"I would highly recommend JC's and the​ Rochester School of Music -- love the family atmosphere"

A. Paul
"JC's and the​ Rochester School of Music isn't just a place to learn to play music, it is also a safe environment where high quality, highly educated instructors not only help to create confident, well taught musicians, but also provide fabulous role modeling with great integrity"

Ramona H.
"JC's and the​ Rochester School of Music is a great place to take drum lessons because you can learn to play a wide variety of percussion instruments like drum set, congas, djembes, and quads. They have great teachers with loads of experience"

Tim J.
"JC's and the​ Rochester School of Music is great for a variety of drum lessons. My son took lessons on drum set for 5 years and then became interested in conga drums and the djembe. JC's and the​ Rochester School of Music had an instructor that could teach my son techniques on those drums as well."


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